Monday, October 12, 2009

A Car Dealer Commercial That's Worth Watching

Stevinson Automotive takes the traditional car dealer ad and puts it on its head. They prove a car dealership commercial doesn’t have to scream deals at the consumer to get their point across. Stevinson uses a combination of the three commercials below to inform the consumer of a different car buying experience. One in which you don’t to feel like you are being taken advantage of. One in which you don’t have to dread going to the dealership and dealing with shark like salesmen.

The commercials use humorous situations to convey the main idea that car dealerships don’t have to be scary. They also do a great job of integrating useful brand-building information along with the humor. The commercial above informs the consumer that Stevinson Auto has been around for 47 years. That builds trust with the consumer. If they’ve been around for 47 years they must be doing something right.

The above commercial focuses on used cars and the fact that Stevinson Auto only sells car fax certified used vehicles. Again, trust is developed through the sense of humor and facts within this commercial.

This final commercial does a great job of communicating brand-building elements to the consumer. The use of the “diabolical theme music” and counter points of honesty, allow the consumer to both enjoy the commercial and raises the Stevinson brand in their mind.

In my mind these commercials do a great job both together and separately. They mix humor and important brand building elements to differentiate themselves from the rest of the car dealerships and from the idea of a car dealership in the mind of the consumer.

What do you think about these commercials? What other industries with negative connotations could use an approach like this?



  1. I love the commercials because they are different. I've always said people don't sit at their TV waiting for the car ads so they can write down the prices. It takes a brave and willing dealership to go with ads like these, but when they do, they stand head and shoulders above their competition. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for the comment. They caught my eye and stuck with me when I saw them on TV. I wish more dealerships would follow their lead. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Maybe a lot of dealerships can't follow their lead because they aren't fair and honest and they DO eat their young! Byers Auto did some funny and outrageous ads a few years ago (some got a little too over the top even for me) some featured a "trunk monkey" if you have seen them. Humor is one way to strike a chord with customers and it can work if done well. (that "done well" is the important part).

  4. I love this campaign. And I appreciate that they tackled the stereotype head on. Well-written, nicely directed and solid casting choices. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Very nice. I like that they work together well, making you look forward to the next in the series. I also appreciate that they poke fun at their industry without pointing a finger at specific competitors.

  6. Dieverdog - You're right. That probably is why more car dealerships don't take this approach.

    Becca Bernstein - Going right at the stereotype makes it seem more genuine. Feels like they aren't hiding from it.

    Kelli - Great point. Not attacking their competition makes them seem even more trust worthy.