Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Resolution. Why not?

While looking at the progress I’ve made with my 2009 resolutions I started thinking about what my New Years resolutions would be for 2010. I ran through the normal list, exercise more often, lose weight, blog more, etc. Then I thought for a minute. Why do I have to wait until January first to start? I don’t have to wait, so I’m not going to. I always get stuck in that nasty cycle of “I’ll start that tomorrow”, but not this time. My 2010 resolutions are starting December First 2009.

So my first, and most important December First resolution is to focus on improving my self as an account person. I know the title of my blog is The Ultimate Account Guy. I hope to one day become that, but for right now I’m focused on improving my skill set everyday.

Since today is day one, I want to know from all of my creative friends out there, what is the number one thing, in your mind, that makes an effective account person? It could be a positive attribute that I should follow or a negative attribute that I should avoid. Either way, I just want to know what is essential to being an effective account person in the minds of a creative team.



  1. Hmmm, that is a totally loaded question!
    But, here goes:
    We have a variety of AE's on our staff. They range from a girl who (I am not kidding) has sent an email that said, "write an ad talking about how great [client] is." with no further direction to a cool guy who manages to give creative briefs in a timely manner, with a budget that adequately reflects the needs and a timeline that is manageable.
    He is by far, my favorite.
    I know nothing about you, so please don't laugh if some of this is completely off the mark.
    -send creative to the client in an email. And if you must, please explain it further than, 'Here's the new ad.' If you need, the creative team will probably be more than happy to write up a rationale.
    -stick your nose in and change my concept unless you have a REALLY good reason. If you think the ad may be improved, let me know what you think and why and if I disagree, please don't be upset.
    -tell me it's 'too late to ask the client a question.' If I need to know it, you probably should have asked in the first place.
    -Ever betray me [us], if I ask for your input on an ad, don't send it off to the client. Tell me what you think and give me the opportunity to make changes.
    -Talk with me.
    -Explain what the client wants to achieve.
    -Let me talk to the client, every once in a while. (Don't worry, I don't want your job)
    -Support the creative ideas, even if you think there was something better.
    -Involve me with planning. Maybe not all of it, just ask what I think. You might be surprised what the creative team can offer.

    Obviously, many of these examples are from my real-life experiences. And, some of these [hopefully] make you laugh out loud at the absurdity. I applaud you at your attempts to grow yourself as an AE. That indicates a very positive step in the right direction. Hopefully you don't need my tips!

  2. Thanks for the Feedback Keli. These are all great points. I think your first "Do" is the most important. I always try to make my self available to the creative team to answer questions, bounce ideas off, whatever they want. I just hope I'm not too intrusive.