Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fall Down and Break Your Crown

Companies are very protective of their brands. And rightly so. Their brands are what keep them moving; keep the gold pieces in the coffers. But sometimes, they become too protective. They become afraid to let their brands be shown in any kind of light that isn’t pristine and magical.

Because of this, I was very excited to see this Crown Royal print ad in this weeks Sports Illustrated. It’s a great, simple, well-communicated ad. If your bottle of Crown breaks, you feel very sad, sad enough to cry. That’s how good it is.

I applaud Crown Royal for having the foresight to see that showing a broken bottle of their product is not a detriment to their brand. That when you trust in your agency good things happen. Even if it is with a broken bottle.

What do you think? Are companies to protective over their brands at times?

-The Ultimate Account Guy

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