Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Sponsorship Worth The Money

NASCAR has gained a new sponsor this year in Outside of the usual car/team sponsorship, they’ve done something new to make their sponsorship dollars work extra hard for them.

Everyone knows the trivia questions that are asked during sporting events. They’re fun, interesting and break up slow sections of the sporting event. Usually, the announcers ask the question that is sponsored by so and so company. They wait a predetermined amount of time and then give the answer while mentioning the sponsor’s name again. has flipped the script on the traditional in game trivia question. During NASCAR races the announcers ask the typical trivia question sponsored by Instead of giving you the answer fifteen minutes later, you have to go to to get the answer. This adds an interactive element to the trivia question for the viewer. It makes it more of a game.

For, it drives traffic to their site. It gives the viewer incentive to go to the site and try out their unique format of search engine. Most of all it’s different. They found a way to take a mainstay of the sports television world and make it new and interesting.

Will this new sponsorship allow to steal some market share from the big boys? What do you think about this new trick for an old dog?

-The Ultimate Account Guy

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