Friday, April 10, 2009

Mother Nature Is A Busy Bee

Mother Nature has found steady work in these unsure times. She’s appeared in multiple forms of the newest Tampax campaign as well as most recently appearing in the new Vitamin Water 10 commercial. Both are fine ads. They have a simple message that is easy to understand and conveyed in a memorable way. The thing I’m interested in is the difference in use of Mother Nature.
In the Vitamin Water 10 commercial, Mother Nature is the CEO of the fictitious “Water Incorporate”. She’s rallying her troops, both Human and Animal, to fight back against the new Vitamin Water 10. She’s a strong personality that will fight to defend what she has created.

In the Tampax commercial, Mother Nature plays the villain. She is bestowing the unlucky woman with her “monthly gift” at a very inopportune time. She’s distraught to find out that the young woman has protection, and won’t be bothered by her “gift”.

I find it very interesting how the fictional character of Mother Nature can be used so differently and at the same time do a good job of getting the message across to the consumer.

What do you think about these commercials? Have two figures been used so differently by two separate companies before?

-The Ultimate Account Guy


  1. Remember Chiffon margarine's ad from the 1970? "It's not NICE to fool Mother Na-Ture!" Then, compare all three commercials. I would rank Chiffon's representation first, then Vitamin 10's, then Tampax.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I've never seen that commercial before, but I found it and I'm going to make it next weeks Old School Thursday.