Monday, April 27, 2009

Schick Quattro Trim Style In America

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the Schick Quattro Trim Style
European micro site and American print ad
. In that post I wondered if they were going to make an “Americanized” version of the commercial. It turns out they did.

I’m going to leave the discussion on American vs. European commercials for another day. We all know that European commercials are more risqué than their American counter parts. I’m more interested in whether or not this subtler version is as effective as the original.

To answer that question simply, yes, I believe it is as effective as the European version but in a different way. The strategy is the same for both commercials and communicated just as well. The “hedges” are trimmed and formed into the same fashionable shapes without the overt double entendres. The American version is more effective in that they show the product more and show how it can be used. The European version is more effective in that it has comedy on its side. Commercials that make people laugh tend to stick around a little longer in the mind of the consumer.

All in all they are both effective commercials in my mind. It’s interesting to see how Schick took the essence of the European commercial and made it suitable for American TV.

What do you think about these two versions of basically the same commercial? Does not being able to be overtly sexual hurt American companies?

-The Ultimate Account Guy

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