Monday, March 23, 2009

Back In Action

So I picked up a part time job as a back up plan. With everything going on in the advertising world, I didn’t want to be caught with my proverbial pants down if I should be laid off. Because of that I haven’t been able to write much the past couple weeks.

Now that I’ve adjusted to the lack of sleep in my new schedule, I’m excited to get back to writing some. To get me back in the flow of writing, I thought I would start off with an interesting fortune I found in my fortune cookie the other day.

The lucky numbers are pretty basic and I’ve seen the “learn Chinese” feature before. But never have I seen such an odd word to learn. Disease! Really? Is that a word you want people to find after they’ve eaten food and are about to enjoy a wonderful dessert? Maybe someone has an awesome sense of humor. Or maybe it was a disgruntled employee. Either way, it was an interesting conclusion to my meal.

What do you think? Is this an oversight or a wicked trick?

-The Ultimate Account Guy

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