Friday, March 6, 2009

Visa Lets You Go… And Spend Money You Should Be Saving

Visa kicked off their new campaign, “more people go with Visa”, recently with a spot during American Idol. The introductory spot does a good job of communicating their new tag line. The Seahorses, Jellyfish and the rest of the sea life dance and play together seamlessly. The music melds with the sea life to give the feeling of an underwater ballet.

The part that confuses me is why are they promoting their check card as a tool to help you spend easier? Now is when you should be saving money. Now is when I want it to be as hard as possible to spend money. I understand they have a product to sell but why not promote a different aspect of you check card. Security would be a great thing to promote. Identity theft is a huge problem right now. On top of the fact that people just don’t feel secure in any aspect of their lives. They especially don’t feel secure with their finances.

A quick trip to the Visa Check Card site reveals a ton of features that would be great right now. Zero liability, fraud monitoring, identity theft assistance, even rewards would be better than promoting the ease of spending.

What do you think? Is Visa seeing something I’m not?

-The Ultimate Account Guy

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