Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hyundai Genesis Online Event

Yesterday I watched the Hyundai Genesis online event for the launch of their new Genesis Coupe. This event was no different from other launch events. They spoke about the new vehicle, compared it to competitive vehicles and explained all the techie goodies that are in the car. The thing they did that I liked was making the event open to the public online.

Most of these events are held for the media only. This gives Hyundai a chance to reach out to the general public. With more and more people doing research about vehicles online, this is a great way to grab a captive audience for an hour and talk to them about why Hyundai is the right choice.

The Q and A session at the end gave the whole event a round table feel. The three representatives from Hyundai took questions from both the audience in the room and online viewers. It made it feel less like an infomercial and more like a discussion with the public.

All in all, I think they did a great job of taking an event that has been done for years, putting it online and opening it up to a whole new audience. At the same time, this added very little cost to the event, but gained more potential customers.

Check out the recording here

What do you think about online events like this? Why don’t more companies do this type of thing for launches?

-The Ultimate Account Guy

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